YES....we left Port Aransas.  Sad Day....but arrived in San
Antonio for much fun...we still have not found
out want it is we are one seems to
know....and I have asked everyone!
The Alamo
Ok, at first we
thought we may
have made a wrong
turn and ended up
in New Orleans, look
at all the beads in
the trees!
Bagpipes always get to
me, so I had to meet "the
band".  Again bagpipes
for a Tex/Mex
Fiesta....we are still
Bagpipes at a Tex/Max Festival....Anythiing
goes I guess!
Then there was the Columbus Day float in the
middle of the Fiesta parade....huh?
It gets hot watching parades....nothing like a
"Texas Hurricane - made up of 4-4oz of
Bacardi 151 in one drink!  
This is my idea of a parade in Texas!
San Antonio....
The Alamo