A Little About What We Do
Jeremy and I decided a a
couple of years ago we
didn't want to spend
another winter in
Minnesota.  So we
bought an RV on Ebay,
flew out to California and
drove her home.  We
spent  summers in Grand
Marais and our winters in
Texas.  Last spring we
bought a house in Port
Aransas, Texas.  Now we
are happy in our yellow
house on the island!

This website is dedicated
to all the people we have
met along the way, to
those of you back in
Minnesota we miss and
all our new friends here
on the island.

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Sander Video &
Chicken Poop Bingo
Betsy Bowen Studio's
Sheri and Jeremy in Texas.....
And now we have moved to Texas!

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We closed on our new home in Port
Aransas, Texas,  June 12th, 2007.  Now
its full blown project mode!
New Port A
Beach Cam!

Port Aransas
Ferry Line
Simple Hit Counter
Simple Invisible Counter
Check back soon...I have
Mardi Gras Video and Pirate
Day Video to publish...and
this Saturday is
Belt Sander
Races!  Also captured in the
last month are dolphins and
whooping cranes!  Check
back soon!
Dolphins at play...taken while we were on the ferry going
back to Port Aransas.  Port A is in the background.
Padre Island National Seashore
One road in and the same road out...4x4
only the island is 75 miles long and NO
development.  The turtle watch is in full
swing!  More photo's
Tony Amos, founder of ARK, Animal Rehabilitation
Keep, speaks about the sea turtles rescued at the
Marine Science Institute Open House this June 2008.
Only in Port Aransas....
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skydiving photo's!